CBD Pro Balm


CBD Pro Balm

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  • The most advanced muscle rub on the market today
  • Contains 500mg of CBD
  • Provides deep relief for muscular tension & injuries
  • Contains PRO blend™ – our proprietary blend of super oils
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil to provide unsurpassed penetration rates
  • Stacks great with PRO Shot & PRO Oil for the ultimate post-workout recovery system


Liquidgreens CBD muscle rub a new addition

Our Pro Balm  range not only contains a massive 500mg of CBD

The new addition of these super oils makes this balm the most penetrating muscle rub on the market, ideal for sports & fitness enthusiasts in the days following a heavy training session.

Simply massage into the affected area for deep relief.

Completely THC free, safe and legal to use. It’s no wonder major athletes are leveraging the benefits of CBD to improve training & performance.


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