Tattoo Lotion


Tattoo Lotion

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Liquid Green CBD announcement. We are proud to reveal our latest product. Our amazing tattoo lotion!
It is estimated that one fifth of adults in the UK are tattooed, with that number rising year on year.
Our specially formulated tattoo aftercare lotion contains 60mg of CBD and is enriched by Panthenol – meaning it is full of intensifying hydrating ingredients and has great skin healing properties.
Tattoo healing can be a tricky and uncomfortable process, but a good healing routine contributes to a better healed tattoo.
Tattoo artists agree that our vegan CBD lotion is an excellent addition to a good tattoo healing routine.

Our tattoo lotion is;
Contains 60mg CBD
Guaranteed concentration – certified and specified
Highest industry standards – accredited and approved
Organically produced and free from heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides
Developed by top scientists in the CBD industry

60mg CBD – THC free

Introductory offer only £19.99 per 30ml in pump action bottle.

£24.99* after promotional period of 14 days.


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Aqua, C15-19, Alkana, Cetearyl Alcohol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcia, (sweet almond) oil, Glycaryl, Srearate, PEG 100 Srearate, HallanthusAnnuus, (sunflower seed oil) Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Panthenol Sodium Carbomer, Cannabidiol, Pottasium Sorbate, Ethylexylglcarin.
Produced in the UK for Liquidgreencbd, unit 2 Market Place, Pontefract WF81AU
Batch no. LGCBD001/3
EXPIRY DATE. 29/05/2024 or 1 Year from opening.

Tattoo After Lotion
30mg 0.2% CBD
Apply some Aftercare lotion to the skin and massage in. We would always recommend following your tattoo artists advice when it comes to Aftercare. To be used after tattooing .